Monday, July 7, 2014

Get the most out of your A/C with a Filter Change

Having an air conditioner installed in the home is an ideal way to deal with harsh climatic conditions. Simultaneously, maintaining these machines is a must when it comes to ensuring that the air conditioner works at its full capacity for a long span.
Changing the air conditioner is an ideal way of achieving this goal. Changing the filter will ensure that your A/C unit cools your home faster than when it is clogged with debris from a dirty filter. Not changing the filter for a long time can also accelerate the wear and tear of the compressor and it may eventually need to be replaced. The third reason for changing is that inefficient cooling systems often adds surplus waste to the environment and that could to greenhouse gas emissions.
There are few things you need to consider when changing in the air conditioner filter.
How often should you change? An ideal scenario would be to change the filter every month depending on the usage and the different factors that control a home. If your house has a lot of dust then it is advisable to change the filter every month.
  • Types of Air Conditioning Filters: Pleated Filters: They help you get rid of all airborne impurities in your home. These filters should be changed every month.
  • Electrostatic Filters: They are ideal in dealing with different kinds of waste and prevent foul smell from entering your house.
  • High Efficiency Filters: They are believed to be the most effective of all filter systems. They can prevent almost 99% particles (having a diameter less than a human hair) from polluting your home.
Hire the right air conditioning repair company.
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