Monday, July 7, 2014

5 Air Conditioning Tips Before Summer Begins

With summer soon to be here everyone is starting to get ready for the ever rising temperatures. Even though many of us have been waiting for warmer weather to arrive, when it finally does we quickly remember just how hot it can get!

So how can you get ready for the overbearing heat that is soon to be upon us?

You can start with your air conditioning. You don't want to feel oppressed by temperatures that are as hot as they are out site. Running your air conditioner can be expensive, to help you to keep it running as efficiently as possible we've compiled these 5 simple tips.

By following them you can help to keep your air conditioner running in top performance through the hot summer months.
  1. Clean or Replace Your Air Filters The air handler of your air conditioner has filters that fill up with debris and dust over time. As a result the machine runs less efficiently, which makes it both more expensive to run, and also less effective. Fortunately there is a simple solution to this, clean or replace your filters. In addition to saving you money, and keeping your unit running better, clean filters also prevent dust and allergens from recirculating in your home.
  2. Check Your Coolant Lines: There are refrigerant pipes that run from the evaporator to the air handler and into the condenser on your air conditioner. In order to help save energy these lines are normally wrapped insulation. When you check your coolant lines makes sure that you look for missing, frayed, or damaged insulation. If you find any of these then you should either replace your insulation or wrap your lines in insulation tape.
  3. Maintain Your Plants: Make sure that you take the time to trim any plants and bushes around your air conditioner. Your air conditioner needs at least 12 inches of clearance in order to allow air to flow freely to and from it. Although this might seem like a silly tip, the fact is that many homeowners allow shrubbery to become overgrown, this impacting the efficiency of their unit.
  4. Keep Your Pets Away From The Unit Dogs like to mark their territory. Unfortunately if your beloved dog decides that your air conditioner is theirs then the urine can be very damaging to it. Urine contains corrosive acid that over time will damage your air conditioner. So make sure that you keep your air conditioner clean, and make sure that your dog keeps their distance.
  5. Make Sure That Annual Maintenance Is A Priority! Finally, the last thing you need to do is to make sure that your air conditioner is professionally serviced every year. A professional can clean your unit, and make sure that everything is in proper working order. While it's fine to take on some minor maintenance issues on your own, but if you want to get the most out of your machine call in the professionals!
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